Anna-Mari Rusanen

Universitetslektor i kognitionsvetenskap och lärare för kurs Ethics of AI
Helsingfors universitet

Dr. Anna-Mari Rusanen is a philosopher of artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences. Her research topics vary from the philosophical foundations of artificial intelligence to the nature of computational explanations. Currently she works as an university lecturer in cognitive science, (Department of Digital Humanities, University of Helsinki), and also as a senior advisor in Ministry of Finance (Finland).

Anna-Mari Rusanen är med som talare på konferensen AI i offentlig sektor 2023

Ethical and social aspects of artificial intelligence and the risks involved in its introduction and use
  • The importance of knowing who is affected by your products or services, how people’s rights are realized, and what consequences can possibly affect people through your AI system
  • How to evaluate the benefits and risks of the systems and the impact on e.g. Human Rights
  • Who is responsible for errors in the systems or unforeseen consequences?
  • Ethical business development – this is how you create awareness of what the ethical principles really mean in practical work and develop a responsible application of AI