Peter C. Lippman

Associate AIA, REFP, M.Psych, B.Arch

For the last 25 years, Peter Lippman has been researching, designing and writing about creating activity-based learning environments for the future. His work is fueled by desire to create places that are responsive to the needs of its users and encourage knowledge acquisition and life-long learning. Peter’s approach is unique to the practice of architecture. Grounded in the research, Peter applies social science research methodologies to the programming, planning, and design of learning environments.

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Peter är med som talare på konferensen Framtidens skol- och förskolemiljöer 2020
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FÖRDJUPNING: Evidence Based Design: Shaping Environments to Actuate Learning

While learning models and their underlying pedagogies continue to evolve, the spatial design concepts that are intended to support learning remain under-developed. As a result, we have schools that are not purposebuilt, nor are these designs grounded in the theory of learning. A new approach is needed to turn schools intro truly effective learning spaces.

This interactive workshop will introduce participants to an Evidence Based Design Approach: A Responsive Approach for Crafting Learning Environments. This approach connects a variety of disciplines and perspectives on learning with the design of learning spaces to produce activity-based learning environments. These environments represent a new vision, a paradigm shift in which the physical environment is the building block for learning (Lippman, 2016). Participants will learn how this new vision has been applied by PCL in the Australia, Sweden and USA, and how it may be implemented in learning contexts.

Objectives for the workshop

  • Define an Evidence based Design Approach
  • Provide Examples from PCL’s Research/work o Gateway Schools, NYC o Skapaskolan, Huddinge, Sweden o Open plan Early Learning Centers, Australia
  • Applying Evidence Based Design: A Responsive Approach for Crafting Modern Learning Environments in New and Existing Schools o Webster Groves School District, St. Louis, Missouri, USA o Carlingford Public School, NSW, Sydney o Skapaskolan, Huddinge, Sweden